Lawn Care

Me, the wife (aka Spousal Unit) and the little one (aka Slick) ran over to the school today for the annual carnival type festivities.  Great weather and fun was had by all.  Only stayed about two hours then headed home for some yard work.  Rousted Slick’s older brother (aka The Boy) and got him to pushing the mower.  The recent rains, and we needed it, helped the grass grow pretty good.  The hardest part of my day was supervising The Boy.  I’m at the age now that I am officially retired from mowing.  I’ve been blessed with two boys that should make sure I don’t have to push a mower for at least the next ten years.  Anyway, getting The Boy to do any manual labor takes an act of Congress, but after you get the ball rolling he ends up doing a pretty good job.  Now all I need to do is to get him to pull that trigger himself.  Having chores or duties are a drag, but like I tell The Boy and his sister, the step-daughter (aka Ms. Thing), if you want to stay here for free you gotta earn it.  Once again, nice job son and I’m looking forward to next weeks duties.

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2 Comments on “Lawn Care”

  1. Ging Says:

    Well, looks like you’ve effectively skirted the lawn care duties for most of your life. You got lucky growing up because I liked to mow simply for the tanning…and now the boy….Still haven’t decided if it’s laziness or genius.

  2. freelancer21 Says:

    Catching up. I personally think this goes under the Child Protective Services category. Does your mother know what you’re doing to these children?

    I don’t even want to know what your father has to say, ’cause he probably showed you how to “lead by example”.

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