My two cents

Allow me to be serious for a while.  If you pay attention to the news you may have heard of the Martin/Zimmerman story down in Florida.  I do not know the circumstances of the shooting nor do I know if either of these people did anything wrong.  The fact of the matter is that a 17 year old  kid is dead.  What bothers me about this story is the way people out there are acting; citizens, celebrities, politicians and the media.  There is a rush to judgment.  Many already have this Zimmerman guy tried and convicted.  We have people out there putting a bounty on this guy, celebrities jumping into the fray by tweeting the incorrect address for Zimmerman, politicians acting like fools and the media using this tragedy to hammer home any other points i.e. racism and gun control.  Trayvon Martin could very well be an innocent victim here.  He could have also been one of the reasons this happened.  George Zimmerman was a cop wanna-be, a self appointed neighborhood watch leader.  It doesn’t preclude him from fault, but that does not necessarily mean he was in the wrong either.  Why do I care about this?  As you know my son (The Boy) is 16 years old.  He is also a tall kid, already six foot and there is a lot of testosterone there; as there certainly was in Florida.  He and other people out there need to know when to walk away.  Sometimes things aren’t worth it.  It also matters to me as a person who carries a concealed weapon.  Just having it doesn’t make you an instant badass and in the right.  There is responsibility there.  I was trained on firearms in the military and to get a concealed carry permit there was also required training on legalities (what you can and can’t do).  If the facts come out that George Zimmerman did something wrong, let him be punished by the letter of the law.  If he is exonerated, let him live in peace.  Unfortunately, there are people out there that will cause trouble no matter what happens.

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One Comment on “My two cents”

  1. freelancer21 Says:

    I agree w/you 100%. Everyone has an “expert” opinion in this whole matter.

    These are mostly “soap opera”/”novella” type of mentality people.

    They get their facts from shows like CSI/NCIS/etc.

    I, too, have been watching this closely, because of there are so many young people out there who are being judged and punished, killed, or imprisoned just because.

    The fact of the matter is racism is still alive and thriving. Racism includes ALL races and works in every direction.

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