Try being a parent

This is in New York, but I’m sure it is happening everywhere.  People out there don’t want to take responsibility for anything.  If they don’t like something they’ll ban it.  “I don’t want my kids whining about the ice cream truck”, so lets ban the ice cream truck.  Our kids are getting fat from eating too much McDonalds, so lets ban Happy Meals (San Francisco, anyone?).  I have no problem telling my kids “No”.  When I do say no I tell them why.  I also tell them why when I say yes.  My sons (The Boy and Slick) 16 and 9 respectively are always hitting me with something.  “Can I have this?”, “Can we go there?”, “Can we have pizza for dinner?” etc.  Every query gets an answer.  A lot of times they don’t like that answer, so they piss and moan for a while and finally see it my way.  I have never felt the need to ban sodas, junk food, etc.  If you don’t want your kids to have something then don’t give in to them. “If I scream enough they’ll let me have the ice cream”.  Kids aren’t dumb; they know if mom or dad are weak.  Make those kids earn the treats.  Tell them why you are letting them have that toy or video game.  Also, tell them why you’re saying “no”.

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One Comment on “Try being a parent”

  1. freelancer21 Says:

    Amen–communication is the key to mastering parenting skills.

    “Because I said so” is never a good answer.

    Why you tell them “no” will hopefully keep them out of the penal system—where “no” is “no” and no explanation is needed.

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