Hard work?

Apparently the Secret Service can’t keep a secret.  Looks like a Secret Service agent couldn’t be bothered to pay for a hooker in Colombia.  These guys are supposed to be protecting the president; instead they are out there getting laid.  Just look at my previous post.  It takes one guy to make the rest look bad.  These guys are supposed to be the best of the best.  I know it’s not easy being Secret Service or a cop for that matter, but to do something like this just makes everyone, especially the U.S. look bad.  This comes on the heels of the GSA scandal, which by the way are government employees.  Now I’m no fan of the current president and you can’t blame him on this Secret Service flap, but these things are happening on his watch and people need to ask what the hell is going on up there?  This is nothing new but it seems it has become more blatant recently.

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One Comment on “Hard work?”

  1. freelancer21 Says:

    Wait a minute—I thought this was all secret stuff—how did the media get a hold of this?

    Geez, history is full of sex and politics–JFK, LBJ, Clinton; I read a story that Lincoln was bi-sexual and Washington was a bit squirelly as well.

    Scandals in government? The hell you say—if I had only known!

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