Back In The Day

The passing of Dick Clark yesterday and hearing the news today of two more deaths in the music scene, Levon Helm from The Band and Greg Ham from Men At Work, it got me to thinking about how much people you never really think about or really know are somehow part of your life or memories.  Look at Dick Clark, hosting American Bandstand, Funniest Bloopers, countless New Years and so on.  Almost all of us (except for the youngsters out there) can remember something about Dick Clark.  There was Levon Helm from the band with the fitting name The Band.  He was the drummer, singer and writer of some of the songs I grew up with; “The Weight” and “Up On Cripple Creek” are a couple of radio favorites from the 70s.  He was also Chuck Yeager’s buddy in the movie “The Right Stuff”.  Greg Ham was the saxophone player for the band Men At Work.  Anyone that grew up in the 80s (all of my teen years) could probably sing “Down Under” and “Who Can It Be Now?” (Hey Lil’ Sis could you play any of those on the sax?)  It seems some memories get stirred up after someone passes.  When Don Cornelius (Soul Train) died in February I remembered watching that show as a kid.  Back in the day Mom was really into disco and good R&B music and that was always on the radio in the house or car.  Soul Train and American Bandstand, for that matter, were the shows to watch and see your favorite tunes sung “live”.  There was no MTV.  Yes, there was flagrant lip-syncing on those shows, but that didn’t matter, you got to see the music played.  Holding on to those memories makes me smile and also shows the younger ones out there how much “cooler” things were “back in the day”.  Just ask The Boy; he keeps telling me he wishes he grew up in my time just like I wish I grew up in the time when my parents were kids.  Funny how that works.

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3 Comments on “Back In The Day”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Right on brother. That really stirred up some good memories.

  2. freelancer21 Says:

    Yup, poodle skirts, bobby socks; stilleto heels, Barry White (can’t get enough of you baby); glitter balls, Chubby Checker (twisting the night away); Marvin Gaye (let’s get it on), Barry White; hoola hoops; roller skates, Barry White.

    Oh yeah, I’ll miss Dick Clark as well. Quirky, but a-ok. Did I mention Barry White?

  3. aliabubu72 Says:

    Was there ever any question of whether or not I could play ANYTHING?!?! You insult me…of course I can play WHATEVER music is out there. It’s childs play!!!!

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