30,000 cups

Our beloved San Antonio Spurs are in the NBA Playoffs once again making the run for the elusive 5th championship title.  So far so good.  Swept Utah and are up 2-0 against the Clippers.  That is six consecutive playoff wins and a lot of coffee.  For those of you who don’t know what I speak of; there is an energy company based in San Antonio called Valero.  They have gas stations all over the place.  Using one of my favorite  phrases, “You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one.” is pretty accurate.  Anyway, for the past I don’t know how long, they have been giving away free coffee the day after every Spurs playoff win.  I heard on the radio today that Valero estimates it gives away approximately 30,000 cups of coffee.  This is no tiny Dixie Cup or urine specimen cup; you go in get any size cup they carry or, in my case, refill the travel mug (which, by the way, I’ve been using on an almost daily basis for 16+ years.  Damn thing should have an odometer on it considering how many miles I’ve put on it all these years.) and they send you on your way – no charge.  Knowing how San Antonians are passionate about their Spurs, the proliferation of Valero stations and everyone liking free stuff; I think 30,000 is a pretty conservative number, but I’ll go with that.  The Valero I go to, and pretty much all the others, was parking lot this morning.  This dovetails nicely with reports of the health benefits of coffee.  So drink up and GO SPURS GO!  By the way, 30,000 16 ounce cups equals 3750 gallons.  Excuse me while I go potty.


I’m willing to bet there is at least one person in the Miami/South Florida area that is happy there aren’t many free coffee days there.

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One Comment on “30,000 cups”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Since I know that last comment was meant for me, I’ll just say that they wouldn’t have the amount of freebies they thought they would at this point. Go Pacers!!

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