One little victory

Do you ever have those times when something breaks and you are in the quandary of repairing or replacing?  That was me this past week.  The other day I walk into the garage, where the washer and dryer are, and hear this terrible noise coming from the dryer.  “What is she drying?  Rocks?”  was my first thought.  I run over there and turn it off and kick into troubleshooting mode.  Now being the wrench-turner around here it is my job to find the problem then fix it.  I’ve been repairing high-tech stuff for the past 20+ years; radar, weather, navigational and cellular equipment.  I start to take the dryer apart to locate the problem dreading what I might find.  At first look I see a broken pulley that explained a lot.  “I got this!”  I remember thinking.  If I can fix all of this complicated equipment on a regular basis surely a dryer isn’t rocket surgery.  So I jump online and start doing my research; model and part numbers, repair instructions and videos, the whole shebang.  Now it’s time to remove the broken part.  While I’m in there I have a look around to see if there are any other issues.  Then comes the SONOFABITCH! moment.  Another broken part, on the motor this time.  That’s when I see the dollar signs flying out of my wallet.  Do I try to fix it myself?  Take it to a repairman?  Buy a new dryer?  Like most people I try not to throw around a bunch of money (unless you’re rich and white it shouldn’t be a problem*).  I start chasing down the three parts I need.  Two of them were easy to get.  It was that last one that was the bane of my existence.  I went to no less that 10 different repair and parts places running the gamut from mom & pop shops to the big commercial suppliers.  They all tell me the same story.  “You need to buy the motor (about $180) to get the part you need.”  Then I get the “Try this ($30), it might work.”  Now I’m starting to look at prices on new dryers.  Then at one more parts place I walk in, tell my story, the guy goes in the back and comes back with the part I need ($9).  I cross my fingers, the part fits like a glove and now my dryer is turnin-and-burnin like new.  I know in hindsight it seems minor but these little victories are so rare that I felt particularly proud of myself.  Managed to smile about for at least one day.

* – that’s an inside joke, not a racist comment

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2 Comments on “One little victory”

  1. Darryl Says:

    *Mitchell! LOL

  2. Blog writer Says:

    You take after your mother!! It’s called being frugal–unlike your dad and your sista–where money grows with a blink of an eye.

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