Testing his old man

Got an update earlier today from The Boy and The Folks.  They were waiting for the ferry to take them to New York City.  Sounds like an adventure for all, especially when leaving the U.S. (I’ll explain that later).  The Boy texted later saying they were at Grand Central Station…pretty cool.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the travelling party was in Buffalo (actually Tonawanda) to visit mother’s family (aunt, cousins etc).  They managed to find their way to The Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo Wings.  I heard it was pretty awesome.  Well today we get a package in the mail with some gifts from the road.  One of those items was my very own bottle of sauce from said bar.  It’s the Suicidal Recipe.


For some misguided reason The Boy seems to think his Old Man (me) can’t hang.  He forgets who introduced him to the glorious world of hot and spicy.  “Dad, what is that red stuff you’re putting on your fried chicken?”  “Tabasco” I said.  Since then there is nothing he won’t put it on.  Like the Frank’s Red Hot commercials, “I put that sh*t on everything”  Unlike most knuckleheads; for me it is more about flavor than how spicy it is.  I’m looking forward to trying this though.

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One Comment on “Testing his old man”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Surely you’ll be sitting the boy down upon his return to review the “must knows”…lol.

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