Musical interlude

I’m trying to get my thoughts together on some new posts and at the same time trying to figure out some way to make this attractive to more readers.  For starters, I will be embedding more videos to help me get my point across.  More importantly, I will be adding videos to entertain (music, comedic, etc.) for those stretches of days I have nothing good to yammer on about.  I came across this video the other day while surfing.  According to the story, an Italian radio station invited five jazz masters to improvise to an a cappella version of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”.  The interesting thing is that this happened over an eight month period as each performer was a guest.  None of the artists were together when they recorded their tracks.  The station put it all together and presented “Billie Jean’s All Stars”.  Pretty nice version.  Enjoy.


Marcus Miller, bass

Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick, guitar

Billy Cobham, drums

Enrico Rava, trumpet

Stefano Bollani, piano


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