The mainstream media is an embarrassment.

The news media took only minutes to politicize the Colorado theater shooting.  Just like the shooting in Tucson last year the media wants so bad for the suspect to be affiliated to the Tea Party or other conservative group.  You may not be a fan of Glenn Beck, but you should check out this video of him giving an example of just how absurd the media is.  Shame on them.

Update:  Wrongly accused man receiving death threats.
Update:  A little tweaking.  Nice response to what the prez said.  He really said that, starting at 4:40 of video.

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One Comment on “The mainstream media is an embarrassment.”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Typical mainstream media crap. They did basically the same thing after the shooting in Arizona when Gabby Gifford was shot. But the underwear bomber and Maj. Hassan were “isolated incidents” committed by lone wolfs and “we should wait until all the evidence is gathered before speculating or jumping to conclusions.” Because God forbid we offend any Muslims.

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