Kind of a drag…Get it?

Let me get this straight.  The city of San Francisco wants to ban all outdoor smoking (cigarettes, cigars etc.) except, of course, medical marijuana.  Which I think is a misnomer.  I’m willing to bet just about anyone can get their marijuana card over there.  This from the same wackos that want to put GPSs on vehicles to tax drivers by the mile.  You really have to be wary of a city that calls it’s city council “Board of Supervisors”.  I’ve never been to SF so I can’t comment on how nice the city is or isn’t or how far they have obviously gone off the deep end.  My point is why would any rational person allow a bunch of suits tell them what they can, can’t or have to do.  Especially when they don’t make sense.  I’m sure they are doing it for the health concerns of the sheep…I mean citizens.  I wonder if they’ve studied the effects of second-hand marijuana smoke.  If any level of government doesn’t want anyone to smoke; why don’t they outright ban it?  Easy.  That government will lose out on all that tax revenue.  It is truly oxymoronic, emphasis on moron, to ban the public use of a legal product and allow a still illegal one that is not much different.  Aren’t they both dried plants rolled in paper, burned and the smoke inhaled?  I guess in San Fran they are somehow completely different.

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