The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, has the testicular fortitude to lecture the United States on it’s gun laws.  Tell me Señor Calderon; how have your country’s gun laws been working out for you?  As you know I’m proud to exercise my 2nd Amendment right every single day.  The Colorado shooting, as well as others, albeit tragic are not emblematic of U.S. gun laws.  I can go on and on about how guns are used to protect people and property just about every single day, but none of that matters to those that wish to disarm us.  It is the knee-jerk reaction after one of these incidents that many people live by, not understanding or caring that restrictive gun laws will do nothing to stop these things from happening.  “If you outlaw guns; only outlaws will have guns”.  What we don’t hear enough about in the media is how guns were used to protect or potentially stop one of these incidents.  I also wonder if El Presidente will call for stricter immigration laws in the U.S. after 14 people (illegal immigrants) were killed today south of here.  I mean these people were in the middle of a criminal act so we need to crack down.  Their silence is deafening.

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One Comment on “REALLY!?”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Another example of how “well” gun control works is Chicago. They have some of the toughest gun control laws in the country, yet murders are happening there at a rate of more than 1 a day. Ya think Joe Chicagoan wants to protect himself? Of course their mayor, Raham Emanuel, suggests the best way to stop the madness is to have all the bad guys go shoot each other in the alleys so the kids don’t get hurt. Brilliant Mr. Mayor. Brilliant.

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