The joys of home ownership.

Woke up late this morning in no particular hurry (worked late last night, on-call this week) and proceeded to um…use the facilities.  First thing I notice is my favorite piece of porcelain art is a little slow on its job.  I walk over to the sink and verify that I have really low water pressure.  Now we’ve been in this house just over seven years and I knew right off the bat to first go get some “pirin tablets” and then use what little water pressure I had to get some coffee started and basic hygiene done…it was going to be a trying day.  As I said before, I’m the wrench-turner around here and pretty much have a grasp on how things work and need to be fixed.  I go outside to make sure the service valve is open and much to my chagrin I see the meter box full of water (something not new to me).  Right there the obscenities started to flow.  First phone call was to the city water system…”Sorry, sounds like the problem is on your side of the meter.”  Next call to the home warranty folks…”We don’t cover plumbing outside of the house.”  Both answers I fully expected, but just needed to make sure.  I call a plumbing company that has a good reputation around here and they have some guys here in roughly an hour.  The plumber basically gives me two choices, neither of them to MY liking (which is usually the case), to either fix one way at lower cost but is not warrantied or another way which is quite a bit more and completely warrantied (parts, labor etc).   I pick the more expensive option because knowing my luck if it isn’t covered it will break again…I really hate dealing with plumbing (Dad knows what I’m talking about).  One of the most sickening things is hearing how much something costs within an hour and a half of waking up.  Usually, when I’m going to spend that kind of money I know about it for three or four days.  Needless to say the job was completed pretty quick and the check handed over…reluctantly.

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