Some friggin’ people

Kind of irritated today about something I saw that had nothing to do with me, but still pisses me off for some reason.  I’m driving down one of the main drags through town at about 10am when about a block ahead I see a car wreck.  Looks like some guy in a Dodge Durango side-swiped the rear end of another car tearing off it’s bumper.  By the time I rolled up the guy in the truck backed into a side street looking like he was going to get out and help.  Instead he took a quick look at the other driver and took off up the main road.  By this time I made a u-turn and started following this guy trying to see his plates.  This jerk was flying and I lost him pretty quick so I went back to the scene and the cops were already there.  When I got back over there I finally saw the driver of the other car; a younger girl.  I think this guy saw a scared, shaken up girl and decided it was better for him to split.  What kind of piece of crap would do that to anyone over a fender bender?

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One Comment on “Some friggin’ people”

  1. Reader Says:

    Probably didn’t have insurance or maybe he was driving daddy’s vehicle. Too bad you didn’t get his plates.

    Poor girl.

    Hope you guys are staying out of the heat. Dad says the temps today are going to be 104 back home—yuckky!!

    Today we are going to swing by Cape Canaveral!!

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