Back at it

Sorry to all for going AWOL on you for a a while.  Just back from vacation the other day and getting settled back in to routines.  I wasn’t inclined to post while on vacation.  Me, Spouse and Slick went down to south Florida (Homestead, south of Miami) to visit my best friend aka “Brother from another mother” aka Darryl and his wife Zuny.  Met up with the folks who were there with The Boy to visit also.  Spent a few days there doing the tourist thing and even managed to find our way halfway down the Florida Keys.  Timing and weather prevented us from reaching Mile Marker 0.  Afterwards, all four of us; Me, Spouse, The Boy and Slick shot over to the west side of Florida and up to Tampa to visit one of the spouse’s best friends aka “Sister from another mister” aka Holly and her husband Jon and their crew.  Spent two days there and afterward slowly worked our way home.  All in all fun was had by all, just wish I could have brought home half of the rain we got on this trip.  This is a good time to say my thanks also.  First to the folks for letting us stay in the RV saving us a few bucks on hotels.  Next to my bro Darryl and his wife Zuny and her son Javi (sorry if I spelled that wrong bro) for their hospitality on short notice.  As a matter of fact they were not expecting us so we kind of dropped in unannounced (How rude!)  Great company, great meals and a great time.  Thanks guys.  Next, thanks to Holly and Jon for first helping us secure a place to stay and access to the base and for opening their home to us and letting the boys stay there.  Let me also say thanks to all of their crew (please forgive any misspellings):  Jennifer, Courtney, Kayla, Heather and Carter.  You guys made us feel at home.  Thanks.  I’ll post a few pictures and stuff later.

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One Comment on “Back at it”

  1. Darryl Says:

    I know I’ve already said this ad nauseum, but we had a great time and I wish it could’ve been longer. You know you’re welcome at my home anytime, no matter if its short notice, no notice, whatever. It was awesome spending time with the whole Alley tribe. I really enjoyed putting back a few beers and retelling our war stories to the delight of The Boy. Let’s try not to wait so long to do it again. But in the meantime, we’ll always be in touch.

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