Back to school

Today is the first of school for the kids, The Boy (11th grade) and Slick (4th grade).  So ends another summer of trying to keep these two occupied during the day.  The Boy was out of our hands for the most part with his trip with the grandparents.  I’m sure he has some cool stories for his buddies.  Slick, on the other hand, was a little challenge.  The Spouse had the task of keeping him occupied during the day; swimming, playdates with his crew and she even took him to the gym when she worked out.  There was a kids area to play basketball, run around etc. while the grownups did their thing.  At night things were up to me.  Getting dinner (not too much junk), killing time (video games, movies, shopping for guy stuff), bath time and the occasional argument about bedtime.  For the most part this summer wasn’t too bad; The Boy on his trip, our trip to Florida and still dealing with everyday life around here (home repairs that almost sidelined that Florida trip).  Anyway good luck to the boys this school year, especially The Boy.  Two more years until graduation.  Maybe we can make next summer a good one too.

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