We are about a month and a half from the presidential election and everyone will be voting on what kind of future this country is going to have.  One where, I believe, more people will be dependent on government and those that pay the taxes for their “entitlements”.  One where success is punished by taking and giving it to those who did not earn or work for it.  One where we look weak to other countries, especially our enemies.  One where rights are being taken away.  Or we could have a future where people use the opportunity they already have to succeed and sometimes fail on their own.  One where we are not necessarily liked but respected and maybe feared on the world stage.  One where we choose our own path in life and not letting self-anointed overseers to make decisions for us.  That being said, I will start posting more in politics. You should already know which way I’m leaning so I won’t pretend to be impartial, but I will be truthful. Everyone is entitled to my opinion.  So for my first tidbit let me share this concerning the biggest issue, the economy.

If you can’t see the picture very well it shows the last 11 presidents and the COMBINED number of months (39) that unemployment was over 8%.  In comparison to the current president whose had 43 CONSECUTIVE months of unemployment over 8%.  We were told after his election and this stimulus racket that unemployment would drop below 7%.  How is that working so far?  By the way this is from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics.  One more little tidbit.  If you consider the people who have stopped looking for a job or their unemployment benefits run out; the actual unemployment rate jumps well past 12%.

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One Comment on “Politics”

  1. Darryl Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how people will blindly follow “their” candidate simply because he/she is the candidate for “their” party. And it happens on both sides. I’m voting for Romney, but there are things about him and his strategies I recognize as wrong or don’t agree with. But how people can continue to rationalize away all the warts on Obama’s record is beyond me. I saw this somewhere else but its so true… If he thought he was left a mess last time, just wait because if he wins, the mess he’ll be left with this time will be much worse. Nuff said!

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