Max update

As you know from a few posts back we acquired a new member to our family..Max the cat.  He seems to be fitting in nicely around here.  He’s still a kitten so finding trouble is not really a problem for him…it just comes naturally.  The other two cats are at different levels of acceptance.  Charlie aka Chuck, the old man (he’ll be about 16 soon) is somewhat indifferent to him.  Just like other old men, whipper-snappers don’t impress him much.  Cozy the younger female (about 4 years old) tolerates Max and sometimes watches over him.  He tries to play with her but she’s not having any of it.  Max has settled down a little and is learning how things are around here.  The two mangy hounds Peanut (7 year old basset) and Chewie (5 year old mutt) still look at Max as a meal.  Anyway, I’ll post the occasional update.  Here are a couple of pics.










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One Comment on “Max update”

  1. Darryl Says:

    *gratuitous comments referring to female genitalia deleted* Nice cat!

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