There’s a group out there that takes those boring facts about national debt and welfare and turns them into a visual called infographics.  It makes theses number more…tangible, if you will.  This one shows the number of participants and amount spent on food stamps/EBT cards.  These are our tax dollars.  I believe it is helpful to some people but many take advantage of it using their cards for booze, cigarettes, porn and others things that any sane person would agree they should not be used for.  Another thing, these people vote.  Playwright George Bernard Shaw said “A government with the policy to rob Peter to pay Paul can be assured of the support of Paul.”  Why would anyone vote for the guy that would take away those freebies?  Now that the president has removed the work requirement from welfare he is pretty much guaranteed of the vote of the lazy moochers, leeches and freeloaders.

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