That’ll leave a mark

The gun control debate is heating up again after an NFL player kills his girlfriend then himself.  It is the same old irrational arguments from the anti-gun (read anti-2nd Amendment) crowd.  They all say this could have been avoided if there were no access to a gun.  What a bunch of BS!  If someone is intent on doing harm they will find a way…gun, knife, bat, rock, tuna sandwich, etc.  We are told that the intent of the 2nd Amendment was for the militia or military.  This leads me to an example of complete ignorance.  British transplant Piers Morgan, a liberal hack,  who hosts a show on CNN that nobody watches, tries to “educate” us on the Constitution and gets smacked down severely.  Apparently he got into a little back and forth with a business advisor named Carol Roth on Twitter.  Needless to say, what follows had to hurt.


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