Remembering Pearl Harbor

I don’t have much to say about Pearl Harbor.  Those of us that care know what happened and those that don’t know or care I pity you.  Way before my time, but as an enthusiastic student of history I believe it is important to teach future generations that December 7, 1941 was not just a day when something bad happened but a day that changed who we as Americans are.  It also shows how we used to be.  If there were anti-war protesters, peaceniks or hippies then; they were few in number and irrelevant.  Our Hollywood stars, unlike today, not only supported the war effort but actually served and not try to schmooze with our enemies.  Our politicians, unlike today, were not spineless hacks that tried to undermind the president and score political points.  All that is for another time though.  Today, we honor those that died at and those that survived Pearl Harbor.


The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  High on my list of places to visit in my life.

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