No words

We are three days removed from the tragedy in Connecticut.  I still don’t have the words to express how sad this is and can’t fathom the grief.  I will save my thoughts until after the investigation is complete.  All I know is that when something like this happens people are quick to jump to conclusions and usually end up being wrong.  We have children in public schools and are concerned about their safety every day so things like this make us think a little harder about what we would do.  There are still some unknowns about this, such as mental state of the shooter, that still need to be answered and one question that may never be answered…Why?  Until then the drum beat will go on about gun control.  Unfortunately this is more of an emotional response.  Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.  So now there is going to be a push for new laws, that won’t accomplish anything, from a congress that hasn’t passed a budget in nearly four years.  As a quote I saw earlier today said, “I can’t wait to be lectured about my gun rights from an administration responsible for giving guns to Mexican drug cartel members.”

God bless all of the victims.

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