I know where you live.

The Journal News, a suburban New York newspaper recently published an interactive map on their website showing the locations of registered gun owners under the guise of informing public to guns in their area.


This is an irresponsible and stupid response to the Connecticut shootings.  First, they put in danger these gun owners by showing where guns are; making them targets for theft.  Next, many of these people are current and former law enforcement, prison guards, prosecutors, etc. who can easily be located by criminals that want to do harm to those that arrested them or sent them to prison.  Worst of all, it also puts in danger those that do not have guns.  Now the criminals, who don’t want to get shot, will know where or whom to target for their next crime.  Irony has reared it’s head also.  After complaints about their map started pouring in the newspaper has hired armed security for it’s offices.  In response, another map has been published.


I’m in there somewhere.

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