Two years

On New Years Day 2011 I actually made one of those ever-so-rare resolutions.  That day I resolved not to eat anything from Burger King for a year.  As a former BK junkie I thought this would be a challenge, considering one of their stores is right outside of my neighborhood.  I drive past it almost every day.  I decided this one day in late December 2010 when I was at work and in need of a fast lunch.  My job is mobile, as you know, and a Burger King sign was staring me down a block away.  I pulled into the drive-thru ordered one of my favorites and drove off to find a nice place to park so I could eat.  I don’t like eating inside a restaurant by myself.  That meal was probably one of the best I had ever had from BK in a long time.  I enjoyed every single bite.  The sandwich was perfect, the fries fresh even the soda somehow tasted better.  I was impressed.  That means something because if you don’t know I used to work at a Burger King “back in the day”…ah memories, but I digress.  After lunch I drove off to continue my day…then it hit me.  I didn’t get sick or feel the need to use the facilities.  I was struck with this terrible sense of guilt.  The kind you feel when you unintentionally hurt someone.  I actually felt bad that I ate that lunch.  To this day I really don’t know why I felt that way and haven’t felt that way since.  Being the end of the year I figured that would be a good resolution.  It turns out that it was a lot easier than I expected.  I expanded this self imposed ban in 2012 to other fast food joints such as Wendy’s, Jack In The Box and Sonic (slipped with Sonic a couple of times because the step-daughter works there).  Someone said “What about Whataburger?” (a big burger chain here in Texas, headquarters in town too).  I just couldn’t do it.  Like the food too much and with so many stores the temptation would be too great.  In case you’re wondering, I didn’t lose a bunch of weight.  Now in 2013 I need something else to swear off…within reason.  Any ideas?

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One Comment on “Two years”

  1. Atcals3 Says:

    As an anti-resolutionist, I dont feel it would be right for me to impose a subject on you. But as your bro I’ll suggest trying to go a year without dropping an f-bomb. Not saying you need to, just saying from personal experience it would be interesting to see how long you last. Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

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