When it comes to the award shows (Grammy’s, Emmy’s Oscar’s etc.) I couldn’t care less.  As far as I’m concerned these are narcissistic love-ins for a bunch of people no better than the rest of us; except for the rich, famous, beautiful and admired part.  I still enjoy movies. With that said, I am somewhat interested in what is considered a good movie; best picture is something I look at.  The news today was that the First Lady announced the Best Picture winner (via the White House), that is where the irony comes in.  This was pointed out a couple of times today on the radio.  The best picture was Argo, a movie about rescuing U.S. Embassy workers during the Iranian revolution and hostage crisis in 1979, announced by the wife of the President who’s administration failed to rescue U.S. Embassy workers under siege in Benghazi, Libya.

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