Speaking of firearms

Since blogging was light lately, OK damn near non-existent, I failed to mention that I made another acquisition to the arsenal.  I wasn’t even in the market to make another gun purchase but one day perusing some of the wares at the local shops I came across the Sig Sauer SP2022.  This is a medium framed hammer fired polymer pistol in 40 S&W (12+1), double-action with hammer decocker.  I decided to stay with .40 for two main reasons.  1) I have ammo coming out of my ears in .40 (thanks sis).  2) Without getting into the minutiae of one caliber over another; trying to find 9mm or .45 anywhere lately is near impossible.  Some of my gun buddies have asked why not a Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P?  When you hear Sig Sauer it is usually followed by dollar signs.  Yes, Sig is known to be pricey for many of their models from $900 – $2000 for base models.  Being polymer framed reduces not only weight but also cost.  I got out of there at almost half of what any other Sig would cost and surprisingly less than a comparable Glock or S&W.  Although it is less expensive, quality does not suffer.  This gun is not for everyone.  It has no safety, although the heavy trigger pull from the decocked position is considered a safety feature.  It would be very difficult to accidentally fire from this position.  All-in-all this is a nice pistol and you could do a lot worse.  Reactions on my purchase were slightly varied.  I don’t know any anti-gun types so I don’t get the “Why do you need a gun?” questions and my fellow gun owners response was “Cool!”  Of course, something like this has to get past…The Spouse.  I usually announce my desire or intention to make a purchase such as this, but in a show of incredible testicular fortitude I made the purchase on the spot after seeing limited quantities of this particular model on the shelves.  Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission, right?  The Spouse’s reaction was not a surprise.  “YOU BOUGHT A NEW @#$%^&* GUN?!!!!”  “Why yes dear, thank you for noticing.” was my answer.  Needless to say she got over it (for the most part) in short order.


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2 Comments on “Speaking of firearms”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I didn’t get over it-just decided it was best to let it be. Then again- there are things I do/ believe in that you don’t understand- but I get it….. And I still love you…..

  2. Atcals3 Says:

    Sweet piece bro!! And good on ya Spouse for not busting his balls too much about it. I’m still in a holding pattern to get one but this model is one I’ll definitely take a look at. I’m certainly not the gun officianado that you are, but even I know that the Sigs are top shelf weapons. Nice to know they have one now in my price range.

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