Back in the saddle

“So where have you been?”  You ask.  Well for my three regular readers you know I’m just living the dream.  For those of you that might come across this, my last post was back in March–holy crap!  I won’t try to recap the last 8 months but needless to say nothing really earth-shattering happened.  Last month we did suffer a loss in the family.  Our cat of almost 17 years, Charlie (aka Chuck and other colorful names) finally passed away.  He was a good cat and a fixture in the family since August of ’97.  The kids loved him and he grew on two people that were not necessarily “cat people”–my parents.  He’ll be missed.  Earlier this month the spousal unit and I celebrated 18 magical years of wedded bliss.  As with tradition (for the last few years) we treated ourselves with a nice meal at one of our favorite steakhouses.  So why haven’t I posted since March?  No real good reason.  Some days I wanted to say so much I would never have time to finish or to have a life and other days it was not even worth the effort.  I found more things made me mad than not and in the immortal words of Mother (back when my sister and I used to be a pain in her ass)…”I get so discouraged.”  So I’m back at it.  I think I’m going to try a different style or format in the way I post and not have long-winded dissertations like this one.  Please feel free to pass this on to others.  I’m always up to a good conversation.

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