4 Jan

I’m glad this is over with.

I like stories like this and this.  These are social justice.

Filed under: Cancel the election, she has it in the bag.

The President is going the executive action route on gun control.  If he can’t get what he wants legislatively he will just bypass that pesky Constitution.  No matter where you stand on the issue you should at least recognize two things.  First, if he can sign an EO that violates the 2A what will stop him or the next president from doing the same on something else, maybe the first amendment.  Second, it is nearly unanimously agreed upon (both sides of the issue) that these orders and many  laws similar to them would not have prevented any of the recent shootings.  This is a show.  Just like everything else the left pushes its not about results but the so-called good intentions.  Even people on his side see it.  Hopefully the next president will rescind this along with other questionable EO’s.


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