So most of you know I like to smoke the occasional cigar, much to Mother’s chagrin.  What you may not know is that I also like pipes and even hookahs.  I was perusing my inventory of smoking paraphernalia (nothing illegal, of course) and was reminiscing about a pipe I purchased in 2006.  It is a freehand (carved by hand) from a pipe maker named Erik Nording.  The reason it’s special to me is that I actually purchased it from Mr. Nording himself and he signed and dated it with a wood burner.  Well this pipe is coming up to 10 years old and to be honest I probably smoked it about five times.  I started thinking about all the things we collect and rarely or never use.  I have about a dozen pipes of different styles and grades, hardly a huge collection.  I have a few regular burners and a couple that are in the rarely use category.  Pipe smoke is one of my all time favorite smells.  Here is the aforementioned pipe and a picture of me and Erik Nording.


There is an added bonus to pipe smoking.


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