2 Feb

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last couple of days.  Nothing really exciting going on.  Yesterday was my younger (giggle snort) sister’s birthday, so a happy one to her.

For those that give a damn, yesterday was the Iowa caucus which is essentially the beginning of the process of selecting the nominee for each party in the presidential election.  If you do give a damn you know how it turned out so I’ll spare the details.  You should already know which way I am leaning but I am actually undecided at this moment, even though I have a favorite.  No matter who gets nominated I will vote for that person over anyone who wants to keep killing this country.  The last several years have been very divisive and many of us our seeing this country, as we know and love it, slipping away.  With that being said, pay attention to the candidates and their proposed policies and make a wise and informed opinion.  Remember, there are idiots out there whose votes count just as much as yours.

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