3 Feb

I like trivia. I like history. I like little tidbits of worthless information floating around in my brain.  A lot of times people are surprised that I would know something so trivial (pardon the pun) and on occasion I surprise myself.  One of my favorite sites to visit is called Mental Floss. It is basically a site catered for people like me, those with the desire to accumulate as much worthless trivia as possible.  The need for this type of knowledge is endless.  On Mental Floss I particularly enjoy the various quizzes.  There are different types that I usually score from fair to excellent, with the occasional poor score.  One of these is called What’s The Kennection?  It is one of the harder quizzes.  The idea is to answer five unrelated questions then those answers have a connection.  Well today is the first time I got it all correct and I just had to share.  So if you’re so inclined please give it a try and let me know how you do.

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