20 Jan

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Happy 10th anniversary of your 10th birthday to my son, The Boy.  20 years, who would have thunk it?  You never know how fast it happens until it happens to you.  Now I know how my parents felt.

Speaking of anniversary, this happened 35 years ago today.  I was a kid then, 11 years old, and remember the daily count on the news.

Now a countdown.  365 days until we inaugurate a new president.  I’m going to cautiously count down the days either to a better future or the end of this country.



19 Jan

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One of those days I don’t have much to say.  So much going on out there but nothing worthy of the effort.  I did get a like from a Twitter follower about this blog so that was a little encouragement to get more going here.  Tomorrow is a big day so we’ll start there.

Heard some rumbling on the radio today about removing some names of Alamo defenders from streets/buildings etc. because they were involved in slave trade some 180+ years ago.  I agree there are things in American/Texas history that are distasteful but I don’t think that these people were honored for that.  They helped create this state/country.  The unpleasant parts of history teach us not to repeat it.

Question of the day:

Clothes of brass and hair of brown
Seldom needs to breathe
Don’t need no wings to fly
And a heart of stone
And a fear of fire and water
Who am I?

18 Jan

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Happy 21st anniversary of your 21st birthday to my wife, aka Lady!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day today.  News says San Antonio has largest MLK day march in the country, estimates say about 300,000 participate.  Not complaining, something to be proud of, but why isn’t that number bigger in cities like Memphis, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles etc.?

On the subject.  It doesn’t seem like people are teaching their kids much about MLK.  Slick knew he a day off from school today but did not know anything about the man.  Took about 30 minutes to read a little and cover the basics.  Starting from the original internet; the encyclopedia.

Sonofabitch!  What is going on out there?  Glenn Frey of The Eagles has died at the age of 67.



15 Jan

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It’s almost like my youth is slowly disappearing.  Dan Haggerty aka Grizzly Adams has died.

From noted Constitutional scholar Joe Biden.

I have mixed feelings about moving the Oakland Raiders to San Antonio.  There is a pretty equal fan base for both the Cowboys and Texans and am willing to bet those team owners would be against it.  On the other hand, San Antonio is a good size market in itself and could support the team.  The Raider Nation mentality would necessarily have to change though.  Bonus, team colors would match the Spurs.  But what do I know, right?



14 Jan

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Republican debate tonight.  I usually don’t watch, tonight is not any different.  I do know it is time for some of those way down in the polls need to start dropping out and we start coalescing (ooh big word) behind one.  No matter who gets the nomination all that matters is defeating the liberal mindset that is today’s Democrats.

Alan Rickman has died.  You might remember him as Hans Gruber in Die Hard (one of my all time favorite movies) and Professor Snape in Harry Potter (that’s for the boy, he’s a bigger fan of that).

Got into a little back and forth in the comments section of one of the stories I posted yesterday.  There are a lot of people that want to come down on the police.  The worst are the ones that come to some conclusion based on something they did not witness.

13 Jan

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Yet another reason to carry concealed.  Be the better person and you won’t feel the need to act like or be treated like an ass.

What is wrong with people?  Two heartbreaking stories, both involving children here and here.

12 Jan

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This is just in time for Obama’s last State of the Union address.

It gets better.

Another reason I stay concealed.  You never know the type of people around you.  Even here in gun-friendly Texas there are some rabid anti-gun types.

The real state of the union.